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I was recently thinking about an old lover of mine and one eye-opening moment in particular.  I was in my early twenties, and we were in the “just getting to know each other” stage.  We’d been intimate just a few times at this point, where making out had led to the removal of clothes which led to other things.

One night she came over to my apartment tired after being on her feet all day.  We each got a beer and went out on the porch to enjoy the night air and relax.  She draped her legs over mine and stretched out her toes, sighing as the stresses of the day began to ease out of her body.

As she talked about her day, I decided to give her a foot rub.  As I put my hands on her feet she stopped and looked at me, smiling and surprised.  “God bless you, darlin’!”  I began slowly, rubbing the top of her feet and then lifting them up and rubbing the bottom.  As soon as I pressed my thumbs into the arch of her foot and began to run them back and forth she stopped in mid-sentence and I felt a shudder go through her body.  I looked up, startled, and saw that her eyes were closed and she was biting her lip.  “Is everything okay?” I asked, and her eyes snapped open, looking right at me.  “Oh yes, that feels awesome… keep going.”  I resumed the rubbing and saw her eyes close and her head leaned back.  Her hands gripped the side of the sofa.

I moved to her toes and rubbed them, and ran my fingers between them.  I felt more shudders running up her body, her grip on the sofa tightening, her hips moving slowly from side to side.  I was nowhere near her lips or her breasts or between her legs and yet she was getting turned on, her body reacting to my touch on the far end of her body.  It was exiliharting, erotic, and flat out awesome.  I watched her carefully, adjusting the pressure and speed based on her reactions and was rewarded by soft moans and heavier breathing.

Inspired, I leaned down and put my lips on the top of her toes.  I could feel her body tense and tighten, so I opened my lips and pulled two toes into my mouth, sucking on them, flicking them with my tongue.  “Oh god!” she nearly shouted, breathless now, her hips grinding into the sofa, her hands now on her own body.  I nibbled gently on the tips of her toes, still sucking hard, while my hands continued to rub and massage the arches of her feet.  I turned my head so I could watch her, looking down the length of her fully-clothed body, wracked with shudders, her hands upon her breasts, her head back, her eyes closed, mouth open with moans of pleasure.  “Oh yes, right there!”

Yes, we were outside on the porch, it was dark but we were in the city, there could be people around but I was just mesmerized watching her and didn’t dare stop.  She was building up to a climax just from what I was doing to her feet, and when she came I made sure to hold her feet tight as her body tensed and writhed and then finally fell back, spent.  Her orgasm was magnificent.  The experience was something new for my young self, being totally focused on her pleasure, undistracted by my own physical desires.

I pulled her toes out of my mouth and eased up on the rubbing of her feet and just stared at her in amazement.  She opened her eyes and smiled at me and I grinned back at her, totally turned on and in awe of a woman’s body.

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