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“Very interesting blog… it’s almost like you are doing a research paper as opposed to meeting new people…”

My cousin was kind enough to chime in on my post earlier about online dating, and I went ahead and set up a profile on Plenty of Fish since it was free and would let me actually interact with people without paying first.  After a few days I got a note from a woman who asked me a few questions, including wondering about my blog.  After I pointed her to it she sent me the above message as reply.

It certainly wasn’t what I was expecting… but then again I’m not sure what I was expecting.  It was the first time that I know of that someone single and on the prowl in my area had read my blog.  I sent her a message back and haven’t heard from her since… so it apparently didn’t exactly hook her or keep her interest.  And I’m not sure what to make of it.

I mean, the core point she made is kinda true.  I’m not exactly in a position right now to be meeting people.  The clutch in my car needs to be replaced which is pretty expensive, and along with some other cash flow issues I’ve had to go back to working like a dog like I was pre-roommate.  Thankfully I know this is temporary, and as soon as I get everything paid I can ease back and reclaim my Saturdays for socializing.  Working like a dog doesn’t exactly leave time for conventional dating, especially “getting to know you” first dates.  Asking someone new to meet me for drinks at 11:30pm after I get off work from my second job would likely come across as creepy or sleazy.

So my blog… well I guess it is a research paper, on the topic of me— my thoughts, my past, my hopes for the future.  And maybe not exactly a great calling card for someone just getting to know me?  Perhaps what I write here is too much for dating prospects?  What do you think?

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The “Take Back My Life 2011” master plan has taken longer to come together than I had hoped.  For those who might not have read about it, here’s the quick rundown:  basically, I’ve been on an insane roller-coaster ride for years now where just about all I do is work, work, work and sleep, holding down a full-time job, a part-time job, and a weekly writing gig.  Every other weekend I get to spend time with my wonderful two kids, but on the other weekends I work at my part-time job for 8-12 hours each day.

This is me

Occasionally I squeeze in a little me-time during each week, but it’s often at the expense of rest, which is obviously not a very healthy way to go.  Something needs to change, and this year various things were set in motion that I believe will lead to a much needed change.  Making sure my kids are taken care of is a high priority, but living alone is an expensive luxury I just cannot afford.  Thus–fingers crossed– I will soon have a roommate and can begin dialing down the hamster wheel of endless work I’ve been on and reclaim some time to rest, relax and have a life outside of the hamster wheel.

It’s going to be happening soon, so soon that I can taste it, I dream about it, I’m even starting to tentatively plan around it.  But there are things passing me by now because it’s not happening soon enough and it’s driving me just a little bit crazy.

One of those things is following The Pixies.

Not long ago I found out that The Pixies have been on tour performing the Doolittle album.  They’ve actually been touring since October 2009, hitting Europe, the U.S., Australia, New Zealand, then back to Europe and concluding in the U.S. this past spring.  They’ve basically been touring during the time period I’ve been least able to go to their shows since I first discovered The Pixies in the late ‘80s, and I didn’t even hear about it until the tour was over!  And yet… they recently kicked off a “Lost Cities US Tour” continuing the Doolittle performances this Fall and Winter, concluding November 21 in Santa Cruz California.  The closest they’ll be around here is November 6 in Wilmington Delaware, and November 8 in Greensboro North Carolina.

So my window for catching either or both of these shows is less than two weeks away… and still no roommate.  Damn it!!

The Pixies were one of the pillars of my music renaissance (which I talked about here, in …She’d Envy my iPod (pt3)).  They were one of three cassettes I bought one Saturday afternoon on the recommendation of a lovely girl I was dating at the time and it knocked my socks off and totally reoriented what I knew about good music.  One was Daydream Nation by Sonic Youth, one was Hunkpapa by Throwing Muses, and one was Doolittle by The Pixies.

Doolittle, quite the eye-opener


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