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I mentioned in my post Climbing Out of the Social Void that I had two new avenues for expanding my social circle.  One was attending the monthly Drinking Liberally meeting a week ago Sunday.  It was a mixed bag.  On the one hand, it was a really small gathering, about 11 people in total, and only two were women.  If I were going purely in the hopes of making a love connection then it would be considered a bust (especially considering one of the women bats for the other team).  But that’s not really the primary reason why I was going.  Mainly, I was hoping to just make some new acquaintances there outside of my normal social circle and the small number of people there was a little disappointing.  I was told that the group fluctuates in size, and that sometimes there’s so many people there the whole upstairs area is filled with Drinking Liberally folks.  Probably depends on when people get fired up about politics, and right now we’re in a bit of a lull.  The Republican nomination is pretty well sealed up, and the actual presidential campaign hasn’t really gotten into full swing, though we did touch on President Obama’s campaign kickoff right here in Richmond the day before.

Despite the small gathering, of the people who were there I got a real nice vibe.  All of them were strangers I’d never met before, but I felt very comfortable around them and they seemed comfortable around me.  We talked about various political topics, and I chimed in quite often with my own thoughts and opinions.

The meetup was over at 8pm, and I was a little disappointed that everyone pretty much hopped up and rolled out right at 8… I was kinda hoping that maybe a few people might stick around afterwards and chat, allowing for deeper conversation and the opportunity to get to know a couple people a little better.  Here’s hoping the June meeting might be a little more populated and a little more lively.

Next week my second social outreach project begins.  I’ve got a copy of the screenplay everyone will be critiquing and look forward to reading it, and hope that I haven’t forgotten too much of my screenwriting chops to be able to provide some useful feedback.


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