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No, not like the movie A Beautiful Mind… I mean a beautiful mind.  One that’s smart, witty, creative, fun, and sometimes twisted.

There are some TV shows that I watch that are so good, I want to watch them with someone, see her reactions, and then discuss her thoughts on what’s going on, what the characters are thinking, and where she thinks the story is going.  I get some of that with my BFF Kim on the shows Fringe and The Walking Dead, but we’ve only got an hour over lunch every other week or so and there are other things to talk about and catch up on (life, etc.), and the waiting between lunches kills me!

There are movies that are that good too, loaded with subtext, where the characters don’t necessarily just blurt out exactly what they’re thinking and feeling.  The kind of movies you want to talk about with someone who’s just seen it too.


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