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Just wanted to give a quick shout out to Miles Heizer, who plays the painfully shy Drew Holt, Sarah Braverman’s son on the TV show Parenthood (I did a Women of TV review on Parenthood).  His character gets to experience “first love” with Amy, who’s played by the lovely Skyler Day.  This consists of lots of touching and kissing scenes with Ms. Day, who’s 20 years old.

the lovely Skylar Day

Miles is 17.  I can only imagine the goofy grin he must have gotten on his face when he heard she’d gotten cast as his love interest.  She’s got a very approachable, down-to-earth beauty that makes me instantly love her character, and I certainly hope her role on Parenthood is a long one, and look forward to her future roles in TV and movies.

And Miles, dude… consider this a virtual hi-five!

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