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While I think the idea of a Bucket List is pretty awesome and motivating, for those of us who’ve found themselves at a point in their lives with little free time or money to do the things we always hoped and wished to do, a Bucket List can prove to be somewhat frustrating and depressing.  Sure, I’d love to go to Hawaii or Europe or Australia and see so many awesome sights, but when I look at my financial situation and personal responsibilities it’s just not feasible.

So it occurred to me that a “Reverse Bucket List” might prove to be a good exercise to show that, even if there are a lot of things you wish you had the time and resources to do, you actually have already done of lot of really fun and cool things already in your life.  I decided to think back and list out things I’ve done that most people you pass in the street may have never, ever done.  Here are a few:

Climbed to the top of a pyramid.
When my ex and I got married and had decided to go to Mexico, I wanted to make sure that we had the opportunity to see and do something we not be able to see or do anywhere else.  Turns out that the awesome Mayan ruins of Chichen Itza are not far from Cancun, and our day trip there is forever burned into my memory, and the best part of that trip was being able to climb those steep steps all the way to the top of the pyramid there.  Looking around at the ruins from the top of it was a memory for the ages.

Sang lead in front of a rock and roll band.
I’ve talked about this before in my post Jaegerbombs and Satellites… As someone who isn’t the most self-assured person, especially early in life, the fact that I spent about a year fronting a rock and roll band right out of high school still rather astonishes me.  All three of my fellow bandmates are talented musicians who still now, 20-some years later, play music in bands… and apparently I wasn’t so awful that they still want me to come up on stage and sing with them on occasion.  I still find it surreal.

Learned how to milk a cow.
Even growing up in the country, this was something that many if not most of my peers never learned to do.  I was lucky enough to have a close friend who briefly lived next door to a small farm that had chickens, horses and a few cows.  Sometimes we’d walk over and pester the neighbors, who were always patient and kind to us inquisitive little boys.  One day the farmer taught us how to milk a cow.  It was surprisingly difficult to figure out how to do it until we realized the physics involved.  You don’t just yank on it and milk squirts out; you’ve got to grip the top of it closed to trap the milk, then let your other fingers close to push it out the end into the bucket.  When the zombie apocalypse comes, I know I’ve got a vital skill so long as we rustle up some dairy cows.


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