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I’ve mentioned before that I listen to an awesome podcast on Nerdist.com called Sex Nerd Sandra.

The other day she had a fun and thought-provoking episode called The Man Box where she interviewed a woman named Shira Tarrant.  Topics included: Owning Who You Are, Feminism, Sexy Consent, Alpha vs Beta Males, Dancing, Dial-up Modem Impressions and Sandra’s Bend-Over-Boyfriend experience.  Shira is an academic who’s written an interesting book Men Speak Out:  Views on Gender, Sex and Power.  Feminism from a male point of view.

Shira Tarrant is taking essay submissions for a revised second edition of her book.  She’s looking for first-person accounts of growing up male and identifying with – or questioning the ideals of – feminism.  Stories about pivotal moments in personal or political change are especially welcome.

I immediately thought about some of the writing I’ve been doing on this blog and what a great opportunity to get more exposure for my writing if I could find something that fit!  I’ve gotten some great feedback from women reading this blog saying they enjoy my perspective and my voice, so I was curious if there’s anything I’ve already written (with or without some revision and/or expansion) that might fit in with what Shira is looking for.

I’ve combed through my blog and I’ve got a couple that I think might work… but I wanted to seek your input as well.  Which if any of these do you think might be a great submission to Shira’s book?  Are there any favorites of yours that I neglected to consider here?  If you don’t think that anything I’ve written so far really fits, can you think of a topic that I might be able to write just for this book?

Below are links to some of my blogposts:

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Deadline is March 30.  Thanks for your help!

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