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The other day I was in a discussion about girls with my 9 year old son Aaron, and he brought up how cute girls are when they have “off” eye/hair color combinations, such as brown eyes & blonde hair instead of blue eyes & blonde hair, or blue eyes & black hair instead of brown eyes & black hair.  For so many of us, the little touch of “different” draws us in you know?

Like most adult American males, when thinking about girls with blue eyes and black hair, my mind immediately go to Zooey Deschanel and I swoon just a little bit.  Not only is she gorgeous with that little “different” look, but she’s a singer, songwriter, and musician in addition to being an actress.  She’s all sorts of artistic yumminess! (more…)

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I have to say I’m very concerned about the fate of humanity on AMC’s The Walking Dead.  As Season 2 begins, the ratio of adult female to adult male survivors is 3 to 6, which is bad enough without one of the female characters having at least more than a passing interest in killing herself.  From a pure “survival of the species” perspective, if people couple up you’ll have 3 dudes left out in the cold, which doesn’t necessarily bode well for guys who have to deal with with the stresses and adrenaline bursts that daily life in a post-zombie apocalypse world presents.  “Can you keep watch for zombies while we procreate?” would wear thin pretty fast.

Right now the women of The Walking Dead are Lori (Sarah Wayne Callies), Andrea (Laurie Holden) and Carol (Melissa McBride).

Melissa McBride, Sara Wayne Callies, and Laurie Holden


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Not long ago my company was in talks with a major European manufacturer of appliances to do some licensing deals for sales in the U.S.; it was on the DL, with just the bigwigs in our company talking with a few bigwigs in their company. We knew there were important visitors in the building for a few days, but few of us knew who they were.

My big boss and his boss had a meeting with some representatives on one of the days to discuss our Quality systems, something very important to this company… and my big boss wanted me to sit in the meeting and “drive” — which basically meant get on the computer and pull up various quality reports that I put together as bossman talks about them. So I got to be one of the few non-executives to meet these folks.  NEAT!

Two of them were dudes from the company that spoke nifty Euro-accented English. One was an American woman who was the Director of licensing for the U.S. company that had their North American rights for sales. I’d place her at least 50 years old, maybe a few years older… and DAMN, she was sexy as hell!

She wasn’t a botox wonder, taking great pains to peel 10-15 years from her age.  She looked her age, lots of laugh lines, and her skin just a bit weathered but not overcooked like some people get who spend too much time tanning.  She was a little over 5′ tall and just a little on the round side, dressed simply in black slacks and white blouse, and she moved gracefully, had a firm handshake, and had a very short and stylish haircut that didn’t come down to her neck… and she just radiated charisma. Her smile was warm and stunning, washing over you like she was indeed genuinely pleased to meet you — yes, you personally.  It reminded me of what people have said about Bill Clinton, who had that personal charisma when he spoke to you that made you feel like you were the most important person in the room.  This woman had that quality about her, and made me feel a part of the meeting, like I was someone important in the there amongst the giants of two companies.

She was someone you could imagine talking at length with in a social setting about anything and everything, with lots of smiles, lots of laughs, showing genuine interest in what you thought about this and that, while also mesmerizing you with whatever topic she wanted to talk about.  You could see her reaching out and clasping your forearm and giving a squeeze.  You could imagine hitting on her towards the end of the evening, hopeful… and that she might actually not turn you down flat.  That ultimate approachability was intoxicating.

During the course of the meeting, I couldn’t help but think she never had a shortage of lovers in her life, and I imagine she marked them each deeply and was never forgotten.  I wondered who the lucky person was who shared her bed now.


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Have you been watching Pan Am?  I have to admit to being hooked by the show.  As a fan of Mad Men, I thought it would be fun to have another show that looks at modern day dilemmas through the lens of the 60s (even if you can’t be quite as true to the times on network TV as you can on cable), and I’m glad the show seems to be succeeding on that front (as opposed to The Playboy Club).

But what really drew me in was the cast, specifically the women.

Kelli Garner, Christina Ricci, Margot Robbie and Karine Vanasse

First and foremost, I was excited to hear Kelli Garner would be spending time with me every week.  I’ve been smitted with Ms. Garner ever since I first saw her in Thumbsucker.

Kelli, you had me at Twizzler...

I also loved her in Lars and the Real Girl and Taking Woodstock.  I tuned in to the short-lived TV show My Generation simply to see her, but if ever a show deserved cancellation for being horrible, that show was it.  But now she’s back on TV on a decent show and I’m thrilled!

We got a weekly date...

I’ve just always found her so physically attractive– a distinct look, gorgeous mouth, lovely curves, adorable smile, eyes to die for.


Kelli looks AWESOME in the 60s garb...

I like her character on Pan Am– she plays Kate, a rebellious daughter of wealthy parents who end up being recruited to be a low-level Cold War spy while being a stewardess.  It certainly adds an interesting bit of flavor among the more mundane daily dramas that populate the rest of the show.

Margo Robbie as Laura

Margot Robbie plays Kate’s sister Laura.  The “good daughter,” she ends up running off with Kate to be a stewardess in the pilot episode.  I like her character, and Margot is obviously a lovely woman… but she’s got that “stock” beauty look to her that I can appreciate but doesn’t really linger in my mind once I turn off the TV.

could you pick her out of a lineup of models & actresses?

Then there’s Karine Vanasse as Colette, a stewardess from France.

Oui oui!

She’s got a cuteness and Euro beauty about her, but man… I have to admit that French accent just ramps her sexiness into the stratosphere!

The brunettes of Pan Am

Last up is Christina Ricci.  In her younger days Ricci had this awesome “va-va-voom” quality that I always found drop-dead sexy– she was this tiny siren that was all eyes and curves.  In recent years she’s apparently gotten on a big health kick and has really cut way back on her curviness.  She’s still cute.

scheming to meet Jack Kennedy

But I kinda miss her old look:


I like her character on Pan Am– a feisty, independent bohemian who doesn’t appear to let many things stand in her way.

I heard that ratings were falling a bit on Pan Am, but I hope it turns things around.  It’s got a pretty fine creative pedigree– from the writer of ER and the director of West Wing.  The Association of Flight Attendants made a statement regarding the series: “The premiere episode of the new Pan Am drama on ABC may be a nostalgic escape to the days before deregulation, but it also highlighted the myriad of social injustices overcome by the strong women who shaped a new career. Weight checks, girdle checks, the no marriage rule, sexism, gender discrimination, racism – all of this was challenged by intelligent, visionary women who helped to usher in the call for social change throughout the country and around the world.”  Hopefully the show will continue to focus on these women and their struggles.

The show is fun to watch, with decent plotlines and a very attractive cast.  Have you seen it?  What do you think?  Who’s your favorite actress?



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This is a follow-up of sorts to my post …She’d Speak Liberal.  As I said in that post, the next woman in my life doesn’t have to be liberal, but it would be nice if she was.  What would be even cooler is if she were also really passionate about politics.  The recent Occupy Wall Street protests that have been going on for the past couple weeks have me longing for someone I could talk to about it and share in the excitement.

The almost daily outrages that came out of the White House during the George W. Bush years got my blood boiling, but I had very little outlet for that passion and energy.  I reached out and connected with people through Livejournal and listened to a lot of liberal and progressive podcasts, but with very few exceptions (getting together with a Livejournal friend from out of town and going to see Farenheit 911 and going out for drinks later was a wonderful exception) I was pretty well alone.  My then-wife was apolitical, as were many of my friends, and Richmond Virginia wasn’t exactly overflowing with progressives, especially at my age.  My computer screen and mp3 player just didn’t give that wonderful connection between flesh and blood passionate human beings.

The Occupy Wall Street protests make me wish I had someone with who I could load up camping gear, hop in a car and drive to New York, discussing life, love and politics all the way… someone like these fine politically active women from the Occupy Wall Street movement!

Let’s go talk politics and Faust!

Not only does she have a dynamite figure in low-ride jeans and sexy red tank top, but politically passionate and holding up a sign quoting Goethe?  Whoa…

Cradling democracy

I love her expression, which so perfectly matches her sign… and her long, slender fingers cradling “democracy.”  Those hands were made to intertwine with another’s…

Shiny Happy People!

Part of what makes me liberal is my optimism and belief in the goodness of people… and these two women obviously believe in the power of positive thinking.  The glass is half-full ladies… shall we drink deep and go out for refills?

Teach your children well

I have two copies of Howard Zinn’s A People’s History of the United States that I intend to gift to my children when they graduate from high school.  It’s my hope that I can instill my kids a sense of civic duty when it comes to voting and paying attention to politics and history.  This lovely woman’s got her baby started early!

talk about the passion!

The tattoo’d woman on the right is fired up, andI’d love to feed off that energy!  The girl on the left is cute but looks uncertain, like she’s not quite sure about being there.  Someone’s girlfriend maybe?

Say, can I borrow one of your signs?

I love the two distinct styles of these two ladies.  The gal on the left looks like a student and her sign reveals a clever geekiness that’s like catnip to me.  Digging the art-girl pink hair.  The gal on the right looks like a professional woman who’d damn fed up and ready to kick some ass, and combined with her exotic looks takes her sexiness up to 11.  I’d like to take either or both out for drinks and pick their brains.

You had me at hello

Speaking of art-girl pink hair… add the nose ring and tattoo, a fantastic smile, and a lovely homemade sign that recalls an earlier blog post of mine and with the string designed to wear as opposed to just hold shows she’s there for the long haul… *swoon*

Civil disobediance

This picture makes me wonder… what were these women doing to get arrested?  The woman on the right looks pissed, and she looks tough, sexy, defiant… I wanna bail her out and take her for a beer and let her blow off steam.  The woman on the left doesn’t give me the same aggressive vibe, but I love her shirt, and she’s got a look on her face like she’s someone who plays by the rules but she’s finally fed the fuck up.  I wanna bail her out and hear her story.

Even if I don’t find someone to go to things like this, perhaps events like this are where I might meet the next woman in my life… once I get a roommate and free up some personal time I plan to start going to monthly Drinking Liberally events put upon by Liberals of Richmond and connecting with people face to face who get as fired up by politics and current events as I sometimes do.  Life’s too short not to feed your passions, right?

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