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Not long ago my company was in talks with a major European manufacturer of appliances to do some licensing deals for sales in the U.S.; it was on the DL, with just the bigwigs in our company talking with a few bigwigs in their company. We knew there were important visitors in the building for a few days, but few of us knew who they were.

My big boss and his boss had a meeting with some representatives on one of the days to discuss our Quality systems, something very important to this company… and my big boss wanted me to sit in the meeting and “drive” — which basically meant get on the computer and pull up various quality reports that I put together as bossman talks about them. So I got to be one of the few non-executives to meet these folks.  NEAT!

Two of them were dudes from the company that spoke nifty Euro-accented English. One was an American woman who was the Director of licensing for the U.S. company that had their North American rights for sales. I’d place her at least 50 years old, maybe a few years older… and DAMN, she was sexy as hell!

She wasn’t a botox wonder, taking great pains to peel 10-15 years from her age.  She looked her age, lots of laugh lines, and her skin just a bit weathered but not overcooked like some people get who spend too much time tanning.  She was a little over 5′ tall and just a little on the round side, dressed simply in black slacks and white blouse, and she moved gracefully, had a firm handshake, and had a very short and stylish haircut that didn’t come down to her neck… and she just radiated charisma. Her smile was warm and stunning, washing over you like she was indeed genuinely pleased to meet you — yes, you personally.  It reminded me of what people have said about Bill Clinton, who had that personal charisma when he spoke to you that made you feel like you were the most important person in the room.  This woman had that quality about her, and made me feel a part of the meeting, like I was someone important in the there amongst the giants of two companies.

She was someone you could imagine talking at length with in a social setting about anything and everything, with lots of smiles, lots of laughs, showing genuine interest in what you thought about this and that, while also mesmerizing you with whatever topic she wanted to talk about.  You could see her reaching out and clasping your forearm and giving a squeeze.  You could imagine hitting on her towards the end of the evening, hopeful… and that she might actually not turn you down flat.  That ultimate approachability was intoxicating.

During the course of the meeting, I couldn’t help but think she never had a shortage of lovers in her life, and I imagine she marked them each deeply and was never forgotten.  I wondered who the lucky person was who shared her bed now.


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