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So the other day I was listening to the awesome podcast Why You Suck In Bed, Episode 73 “Cali Returns, Part 1.”  They had one of the original hosts, Cali Rose, back on for the night to talk about what she’d been up to, and along with the other original and current host Dr. Stacy, and new host Molly, it was a glorious romp through various sexual topics from the female perspective.

Dr. Stacy from the Why You Suck in Bed podcast

At one point the talk turned to nipple rings.  Dr. Stacy doesn’t have nipple rings and was asking the other two about them; Cali used to have nipple rings, and Molly currently has nipple rings.  Then came this exchange, which piqued my attention:

Dr. Stacy: Do you ladies not agree that the nipples are the most neglected body parts during sex?

Molly: YES!  It’s like you’ve got to force the guy to fucking suck on them.

Doctor Stacy:  It’s like “remember these??”

Molly went on to add another benefit of nipple rings is as a way to get guys to notice and pay attention to the nipples.

I have to admit to being flabbergasted.  What kind of lame guys are these women sleeping with that are ignoring their nipples?!  Women’s breasts are awesome, how can you neglect them when you’ve got a woman offering her body to you?  I mean, sure — there are all sorts of wonderful lady parts to devour that you can get a bit overwhelmed by the yummy choices, but c’mon– the nipples and breasts are cake! (more…)

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Recently my little blog here got a nice shout out (!!!!) from Dr. Stacy of the Why You Suck In Bed podcast, a really fun show about sex and relationships.  Dr. Stacy had run across a blog I wrote last summer (…She’d Live and Love in the Moment) that was inspired by one of their podcasts, she left a nice comment and we had a fun exchange on their Facebook page.  I then wrote her an email, and she recently read it on air along with the kind works about the blog– it was surreal hearing that on the talk show, and left me grinning from ear to ear!

Anyway, it left me wondering if any of my more recent readers came here after hearing about My Ideal Woman from Dr. Stacy?  Welcome!! 🙂

And for those of you who might enjoy a funny, sexy show via podcast, and haven’t run across Why You Suck in Bed, be sure to check them out!

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