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This is a follow-up of sorts to my post …She’d Speak Liberal.  As I said in that post, the next woman in my life doesn’t have to be liberal, but it would be nice if she was.  What would be even cooler is if she were also really passionate about politics.  The recent Occupy Wall Street protests that have been going on for the past couple weeks have me longing for someone I could talk to about it and share in the excitement.

The almost daily outrages that came out of the White House during the George W. Bush years got my blood boiling, but I had very little outlet for that passion and energy.  I reached out and connected with people through Livejournal and listened to a lot of liberal and progressive podcasts, but with very few exceptions (getting together with a Livejournal friend from out of town and going to see Farenheit 911 and going out for drinks later was a wonderful exception) I was pretty well alone.  My then-wife was apolitical, as were many of my friends, and Richmond Virginia wasn’t exactly overflowing with progressives, especially at my age.  My computer screen and mp3 player just didn’t give that wonderful connection between flesh and blood passionate human beings.

The Occupy Wall Street protests make me wish I had someone with who I could load up camping gear, hop in a car and drive to New York, discussing life, love and politics all the way… someone like these fine politically active women from the Occupy Wall Street movement!

Let’s go talk politics and Faust!

Not only does she have a dynamite figure in low-ride jeans and sexy red tank top, but politically passionate and holding up a sign quoting Goethe?  Whoa…

Cradling democracy

I love her expression, which so perfectly matches her sign… and her long, slender fingers cradling “democracy.”  Those hands were made to intertwine with another’s…

Shiny Happy People!

Part of what makes me liberal is my optimism and belief in the goodness of people… and these two women obviously believe in the power of positive thinking.  The glass is half-full ladies… shall we drink deep and go out for refills?

Teach your children well

I have two copies of Howard Zinn’s A People’s History of the United States that I intend to gift to my children when they graduate from high school.  It’s my hope that I can instill my kids a sense of civic duty when it comes to voting and paying attention to politics and history.  This lovely woman’s got her baby started early!

talk about the passion!

The tattoo’d woman on the right is fired up, andI’d love to feed off that energy!  The girl on the left is cute but looks uncertain, like she’s not quite sure about being there.  Someone’s girlfriend maybe?

Say, can I borrow one of your signs?

I love the two distinct styles of these two ladies.  The gal on the left looks like a student and her sign reveals a clever geekiness that’s like catnip to me.  Digging the art-girl pink hair.  The gal on the right looks like a professional woman who’d damn fed up and ready to kick some ass, and combined with her exotic looks takes her sexiness up to 11.  I’d like to take either or both out for drinks and pick their brains.

You had me at hello

Speaking of art-girl pink hair… add the nose ring and tattoo, a fantastic smile, and a lovely homemade sign that recalls an earlier blog post of mine and with the string designed to wear as opposed to just hold shows she’s there for the long haul… *swoon*

Civil disobediance

This picture makes me wonder… what were these women doing to get arrested?  The woman on the right looks pissed, and she looks tough, sexy, defiant… I wanna bail her out and take her for a beer and let her blow off steam.  The woman on the left doesn’t give me the same aggressive vibe, but I love her shirt, and she’s got a look on her face like she’s someone who plays by the rules but she’s finally fed the fuck up.  I wanna bail her out and hear her story.

Even if I don’t find someone to go to things like this, perhaps events like this are where I might meet the next woman in my life… once I get a roommate and free up some personal time I plan to start going to monthly Drinking Liberally events put upon by Liberals of Richmond and connecting with people face to face who get as fired up by politics and current events as I sometimes do.  Life’s too short not to feed your passions, right?

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