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I love my full-time job… May will mark my 12 year anniversary.  I work for a great company and work with great people and make decent money.

My actual work is mostly interesting too… but it does involve a fair amount of redundant work that can be rather tedious.  So to help occupy my mind when I go through the repetition I listen to various podcasts on iTunes.

And I recently discovered a new podcast I really like!  It’s called The Because Show, and it’s three women friends in their mid-30s who live in California talking about whatever—life, love, pop culture, sex, books, TV shows, movies, marriage, parenthood.  One’s a single mom who recently went through a divorce, the other two are married and I believe all have kids.  They’ve got great rapport and great voices… and as someone who loves women, their show is like catnip to me.  Check ‘em out!

I thought it might be fun to share the podcasts I listen to regularly:


Why You Suck in Bed—raw, raunchy and honest, I love listening just to see what crazy topics they may touch upon each week.  In particular I really enjoy the two women co-hosts, Dr. Stacy and Molly, who are both incredibly smart, sexy as hell and are open to talking frankly about anything.

Sex Nerd Sandra—Sandra is such a positive force, listening to her makes me want to pack up and move to California just for the slim chance to make friends with her.  She’s got an exuberance that’s infectious and fun, a driving curiosity to learn everything she can about sex and relationships and then to share it with her listeners.  I just love it!

The Because Show—I wrote about that above.

(The first two shows I don’t actually download and listen at work because they can get rather sexually explicit, so instead I download at home and listen to them during my driving commutes)


The Walking Dead ‘Cast / The Talking Dead / Afterbuzz TV: The Walking Dead:  I’m a huge fan of the TV show and have written about it a few times over on my TV blog (which reminds me, I need to fire that up again).  My favorite is The Walking Dead ‘Cast because there’s a woman  co-host which provides a great female fan perspective on the show, and the chemistry between Karen and Jason is really fun.  The Talking Dead is a good one too, I enjoy the recaps and the news and the geeky side-tracks Chris and Jason take.  Afterbuzz is light and fluffy and fun, and is available the fastest, actually showing up in the feed the morning after the show so I don’t have to wait to hear what people are thinking about this week’s episode.

Firewall & Iceburg Podcast:  two TV reviewers from  Hitfix.com discuss TV shows and occasionally other pop culture items.  They are both whip-smart, clever and often quite funny.

Talking TV With Ryan and Ryan:  Gives a male and female perspective on various TV shows, often with an emphasis on “geek/nerd” shows I love like The Walking Dead and Game of Thrones.

TV Times Three Podcast:  Three TV critics – two regular hosts and then one host from rotating guests – talk about good and/or popular TV shows each week.  They have good TV news segments too.  The regular hosts have great voices and personality that shines through– especially Amrie who’s such a hyper spazz she just cracks me up listening to her.

Slate’s Spoiler Specials:  I don’t always get to see the movies (and occasional TV shows) these folks talk about, but when I do I like to check in on this podcast afterwards and see what Dana Stevens and her guest think of it.  Warning—the show contains SPOILERS, so listen after you watch.


The Young Turks:  hands-down the absolutely best source of political news, the hosts talk truth to power and unload with both barrels on Republicans and Democrats when its deserved (and it so often is).  They provide deep but easy to understand analysis about what the politicians and policies really mean.  The show has a progressive bent but it’s not biased and has no agenda other than getting at the truth.  They also mix in humor and a dash of pop culture and entertainment news as well.  This show is so good and indispensable that I gladly pay the membership fee so I can listen to the shows in their entirety.  Seriously the best ten dollars I spend each month!

Both Sides Now & KCRW’s Left, Right & Center:  Recaps of the past week’s political issues with smart and thoughtful commenters from the left and right, and a moderator to push back and keep the rants to a minimum.   Arianna Huffington, Mary Matalin, Ron Reagan, Eliot Spitzer, Robert Scheer, and David Frum offer up smart commentary from across the political spectrum.

I’ve actually got quite a few more podcasts I listen to occasionally, but these are the ones I listen to regularly.   How about you?  What podcasts do you listen to, and why?

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So the other day I was listening to the awesome podcast Why You Suck In Bed, Episode 73 “Cali Returns, Part 1.”  They had one of the original hosts, Cali Rose, back on for the night to talk about what she’d been up to, and along with the other original and current host Dr. Stacy, and new host Molly, it was a glorious romp through various sexual topics from the female perspective.

Dr. Stacy from the Why You Suck in Bed podcast

At one point the talk turned to nipple rings.  Dr. Stacy doesn’t have nipple rings and was asking the other two about them; Cali used to have nipple rings, and Molly currently has nipple rings.  Then came this exchange, which piqued my attention:

Dr. Stacy: Do you ladies not agree that the nipples are the most neglected body parts during sex?

Molly: YES!  It’s like you’ve got to force the guy to fucking suck on them.

Doctor Stacy:  It’s like “remember these??”

Molly went on to add another benefit of nipple rings is as a way to get guys to notice and pay attention to the nipples.

I have to admit to being flabbergasted.  What kind of lame guys are these women sleeping with that are ignoring their nipples?!  Women’s breasts are awesome, how can you neglect them when you’ve got a woman offering her body to you?  I mean, sure — there are all sorts of wonderful lady parts to devour that you can get a bit overwhelmed by the yummy choices, but c’mon– the nipples and breasts are cake! (more…)

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Recently my little blog here got a nice shout out (!!!!) from Dr. Stacy of the Why You Suck In Bed podcast, a really fun show about sex and relationships.  Dr. Stacy had run across a blog I wrote last summer (…She’d Live and Love in the Moment) that was inspired by one of their podcasts, she left a nice comment and we had a fun exchange on their Facebook page.  I then wrote her an email, and she recently read it on air along with the kind works about the blog– it was surreal hearing that on the talk show, and left me grinning from ear to ear!

Anyway, it left me wondering if any of my more recent readers came here after hearing about My Ideal Woman from Dr. Stacy?  Welcome!! 🙂

And for those of you who might enjoy a funny, sexy show via podcast, and haven’t run across Why You Suck in Bed, be sure to check them out!

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The other day Sex Nerd Sandra put up an interesting post on her blog called Sometimes a Girl Just Wants Good Head.  Here’s some of what she wrote:

I’m inspired by a play I saw tonight. Set in 1963, The Magic Bullet Theory was a fun who-shot-JFK ride rich with witty dialogue. One topic that came up several times was blowjobs. One man-character says “women were put on this earth for 2 reasons: to suck our dicks and take our balls.”

Now, contextually, that remark fit with the character and his point, so I don’t mean to get all up in feminism’s business, but it did stir something in my psyche. Later in the story during a fabulous montage scene, a blowjob is artfully woven into the dance number for a brief few moments.

That blowjob business got me a little, well, distracted. First in the hot kind of way. Then I got kind of mad. The passionate voice in my head said, “Why do I never hear women saying, ‘oh man, all I need right now is a good eating out,’ hmm? Why do I never get to see cunnilingus depicted in such a fun & casual manner? I’m not ALL flowers and cuddling, ya know!”

I’ve just never seen a woman portrayed that way. The character in the play receiving aforementioned head was a lawyer. He was a professional going about his job and having a little fun on the side. Good times all around. What if a woman were playing the part?

My first thought reading this was:  YES!  I would totally love to see that.  A woman lawyer professional having a little fun with a guy going down on her on the side.  Good times all around!

My second thought was… would we ever see such a role?

It’s hard to imagine now, especially in the context of a renewed assault on women’s rights we’re seeing in the political arena right now.  But I think we will, and likely sooner rather than later.  As Martin Luther King, Jr. said, the arc of the moral universe is long, but it bends toward justice.  And if there’s any justice in this universe, this country will eventually shake off the Puritanical morals that put a real damper on expressions of female desire and sexuality.  Not to mention I’d imagine such a role done well would likely be a gigantic hit for whatever network was bold enough to try it.


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I’ve mentioned before that I listen to an awesome podcast on Nerdist.com called Sex Nerd Sandra.

The other day she had a fun and thought-provoking episode called The Man Box where she interviewed a woman named Shira Tarrant.  Topics included: Owning Who You Are, Feminism, Sexy Consent, Alpha vs Beta Males, Dancing, Dial-up Modem Impressions and Sandra’s Bend-Over-Boyfriend experience.  Shira is an academic who’s written an interesting book Men Speak Out:  Views on Gender, Sex and Power.  Feminism from a male point of view.

Shira Tarrant is taking essay submissions for a revised second edition of her book.  She’s looking for first-person accounts of growing up male and identifying with – or questioning the ideals of – feminism.  Stories about pivotal moments in personal or political change are especially welcome.

I immediately thought about some of the writing I’ve been doing on this blog and what a great opportunity to get more exposure for my writing if I could find something that fit!  I’ve gotten some great feedback from women reading this blog saying they enjoy my perspective and my voice, so I was curious if there’s anything I’ve already written (with or without some revision and/or expansion) that might fit in with what Shira is looking for.

I’ve combed through my blog and I’ve got a couple that I think might work… but I wanted to seek your input as well.  Which if any of these do you think might be a great submission to Shira’s book?  Are there any favorites of yours that I neglected to consider here?  If you don’t think that anything I’ve written so far really fits, can you think of a topic that I might be able to write just for this book?

Below are links to some of my blogposts:

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She’d Savor Smooching
My ode to kissing.

She Would Speak Liberal
Wishing for a political gal with the gift of West Wing gab.

Deadline is March 30.  Thanks for your help!

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