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Wow, hard to believe 2012 is winding down, huh?  Time sure flies, and seems to fly faster every year.  Remember as a child when an hour seemed soooo loooong (especially if you’re doing something you don’t like) and summer vacation lasted forever?  Now you blink and days and months have rushed by.  I’ve actually heard a theory as to why that is back when I was in college that makes a lot of sense.  When you’re a child, each unit of time represents a much larger percentage of your experience than you do as you get older.  When you’re 10 years old, a year is 1/10th of your total experience, 10%.  When you’re 25 a year is 1/25th or 4% of your total experience.  At 50 a year is 1/50th or 2% of your total experience.

I think the morale of that story is, as you get older, you really should make the most of the time you have, dedicate as much as you can to the things that make you happy.  Your passions, your family, your friends.  And for God’s sake, don’t waste time!

That said, I spent a lot of time recently doing not much of anything.  Some of you who read my blog know I work a ton– I’ve got a full-time job, and a part-time job that I work quite a bit, and a regular weekly gig writing about a hobby I enjoy.  In the days leading up to Christmas I had off from my full-time job, but worked a bunch of extra  hours at my part-time job– 44 hours in 4 days.  And then, from December 26th through Dec 30th… I had no work at all.  Not my full-time job, not my part-time job (though I did still do my weekly writing gig, but I love doing that so it really doesn’t feel much like work).  Five blessed days off work… why, it’s rather unheard for me in my modern era!  I’d had hopes to visit family, get organized, clean house, run errands… and while I did do some of that, for the most part I just chilled out alone, caught up on sleep, watched some movies, played some games.  Didn’t follow any schedule, didn’t set any alarms.

It was wonderful!


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The throw-down Saturday was a success!  I was a little worried going into the home stretch because a lot of people who had seemed to be leaning heavily towards coming to the party started bailing on me in the days leading up to the event, citing other things they had to do despite me having planned this thing three months ago in an effort to get “dibs” first for June 23.  It’s frustrating to me that I’m just not on very many people’s radar as part of their social scene, despite being a single guy willing and able to do stuff for two years now and making a serious effort to reach out and reconnect with friends (as I wrote about not long ago, She’d Want to DO Stuff).

Regardless of the light turnout though, the 10 or so people who did come by really showed their warmth, kindness and consideration that truly made me happy to have them as friends.  One couple had some obligations out of town, but still came by for an hour or so before they had to leave, and helped with preparing the food before we chilled out and talked a bit.  I really appreciated them making the time, it was awesome to see them.  Another couple had plans later in the evening, but were enjoying the party too much to leave and cancelled their other engagement.  My BFF ended up staying a lot longer than she originally intended.  As a host, it pleased me to no end to have people want to stay and party on.

There was one woman in particular I had hopes would come by—someone I used to date a long time ago, we’d reconnected through Facebook, both of us are divorced with kids.  She did come by… but brought along a male friend who I’m pretty sure is much more than friends even though I didn’t see any PDAs between them.  Seemed like a super-nice guy who is hopefully treating her well.  I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t really disappointed, but in a way it snapped me out of a fantasy I’d entertained that we might have been able to rekindle something.  I blew it with her a long time ago, and I certainly can’t expect a second chance.  But she could have easily just blown off the party and spent time with her fella doing something else, so coming by showed me that she values our friendship and that really meant a lot to me.  They stayed quite late, and she even got me really tore up fixing us Loch Ness Monster shots, which made the remaining evening a pleasant blur.

WOOSH! My feisty grill

I had a decent spread of food—grilled veggies, turkey burgers, hot dogs, grilled tempeh, homemade hummus and crackers, homemade salsa and corn chips.  My BFF brought some homemade brownies that were quickly demolished.  My beverage of choice for the evening was Lynchburg Lemonade:  bourbon, triple sec, a sprinkle of sweet and sour mix, topped off with Diet Sprite.  Was a light summery drink that didn’t fill me up and set up a nice buzz to cruise on for the night… until the Loch Ness Monster shots hammered me.  You make those with melon liquor, Jagermeister, and irish crème.  Despite my hatred for Jager, the combination actually tasted quite good.

I woke up around 6am starving, parched, and with my head pounding.  I got up, rustled up some leftover party food, drank a big thing of Gatorade and washed down some Advil, and then went back to bed until noon, when I woke up feeling much better, just a little rough around the edges.  Nothing was broken, no holes in the walls, and everyone seemed to have had a great time so that most definitely goes down as a success in my book.  But the best thing for me was reconnecting with the folks who came by, hopefully deepening the friendship and opening up more opportunities for getting together down the road.  As someone who’s struggled with loneliness and desperately has been trying to climb out of that social void, these good friends reached down and offered me a lifeline.  It’s good to know I’m not alone!

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So Chuck moved in yesterday!  I’m so excited about this development and I really can’t wait to start the next phase of my life, with more time for living (as I talked about in Climbing Out of the Social Void and Following the Pixies).  Unfortunately, I’ve already scheduled my part-time hours through May and I’ve still got a pretty full plate.  Chuck was looking at my calendar and was shocked how much I work.

While I’m so tired of this rat race I’ve been on, and so ready to dial work back, I am actually grateful for the overlap between rent money coming in and working all these hours.  I’ve got some plumbing issues and my heat pump is on the fritz.  Both are going to require repairs outside of what I can figure out on my own.  Both could be relatively expensive, and thank god I’m no longer treading water in this house alone.

One potential downside to this living arrangement was revealed last night… after I got home from work at 11:30pm, Chuck and I talked for a long, long time about the awesome Game of Thrones.  I mean a really long time.  Really, really late when we went to bed.  He’s read the book but not seen the TV show.  I’ve not read the books but love the TV show.  Well, I’ll take great conversations over awkward tension in a roommate any day, even if I lose sleep here and there.

To kick off my new era of living, I’ve decided to throw an epic party.  I’ve not been in a position to throw a really good housewarming party since I moved in last June, and have not had much time to have friends over– many haven’t ever been here.  My birthday is June 25, and the weekend before that the kids are with their mom.  So… I’ve set up invites.  I’m scheduling it for Saturday since last time I had a party (when I first split with my wife and moved into an apartment) I threw it on a Friday night, and a bunch of friends bailed on me, claiming they were too tired to party on a Friday night.  These were the same guys who would party with me three days straight all the time 20 years ago, but somewhere along the way they got too old to rock and roll… without rest.  As someone who works 65 hours a week and still finds the energy to party (Jägerbombs and Satellites, Quite the Momentous Week) I guess it’s hard for me to realize that not everyone has the party stamina of Rasputin, but in consideration of them I’m doing a Saturday party this time so they can rest up.  I’m also going to start it early — 4pm — so the early birds can come party before heading home.  We’ll kick things off by hanging out on the deck and patio, grilling meat and drinking refreshing adult beverages.  As the night progresses I’m sure we’ll move inside, hook my iPod up the stereo for some great jams… and just have a grand ol’ time.  I’ve got lots of bed and sofa space, so anyone without designated drivers is welcome to stay over, and I’m planning on stocking up and cooking a helluva breakfast to help us recover.  Mmmm, bacon…

Hopefully I’ll have some great stories to tell here a day or two afterwards 🙂

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