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So Day 6 of my new healthy eating plan is in the books, and that means tomorrow is SPLURGE SATURDAY!!  I get my kids too, so I’m looking forward to basking in the company of my sweet children and topping it off with some treats.  My splurge plan right now is to try a Reuben sandwich from Arby’s, have some ice cream, and once the kids are in bed have a couple margaritas.  I’m still going to eat plenty of healthy foods too. (more…)

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So, a key part of getting healthier is to change my diet.  I’ve been through countless diets over the course of my life, and have done a lot of reading on foods and how your body processes foods, so at this point I know what I need to do.  Of course, knowing is just part of the battle, but thankfully nowadays we have a fantastic tool available to help put that knowledge into action… (more…)

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