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First, let me acknowledge that human attraction can often supersede political inclination– an excellent example is political odd couple James Carville, a Democratic strategist who helped President Clinton get elected, and Mary Matalin, a Republican strategist who worked for George W. Bush.

GOPer Matalin & Dem Carville

I can’t help but wonder whether they talk about politics or avoid the subject all together.  Are their fundamental differences and arguments a vital part of what attracts them to one another, or do they leave work at the office and connect on… less cerebral levels?

It’s weird to think about it now, given just how passionate and plugged-in I am about politics, but I’ve never been in a relationship with someone where we really talked about politics.  It’s pretty much a matter of timing; by the time I really started paying deep attention to American politics I’d already married my ex-wife, and she had zero interest in politics or political things.  In her view, there was so much more important and immediate things to think on and worry about, and really– what can any of us “little people” do about it anyway?  Why spend time and energy on something you can’t change?  Given the depth and width of corruption among all branches of the government to big money interests, you really can’t blame people for that point of view.

Still, at heart I’m an optimist and a romantic, so I am also a bleeding-heart liberal to the core.  I can’t help but hold out hope that things could get better, that our representative government could one day actually represent, care about and be accountable to Working Class America… and I also can’t help but fantasize about sharing those hopes and dreams with a smart, political savvy woman.  Man, what a turn-on!

I started watching The West Wing while deep in despair over the direction our country was in during George W. Bush’s first term.  I’d immerse myself in the fantasy of our country being in the capable, smart and compassionate arms of President Jeb Bartlett and his merry band of capable, smart and compassionate liberals.

Oooooh, Donna... Janel Moloney

One capable, smart and compassionate liberal that really piqued my interest was Donna Moss, superbly played by Janel Moloney.  Now, if you read my previous post (…She’d Have Curves) you’ll note that from a pure physical perspective Janel has a few too many angles and flat surfaces for my tastes.  Not that she isn’t lovely– because she most definitely is– but if we ever dated she’d bring out my Southern instincts and I’d be obliged to encourage extra helpings of BBQ and pecan pie to round her out a bit.

But I found Donna to be sexual napalm.  Why?  Because she spoke Liberal.  Something about having many of the same political thoughts, hopes and dreams that I shared coming from a woman’s lips just ramped her sex appeal into the stratosphere.  Janel went from cute & willowy to luscious siren whenever she opened her mouth.  To hell with talking dirty– talk Liberal, baby!

Donna Moss: I had a plan. I grew up on a farm.
Josh Lyman: You grew up in a condo.
Donna Moss: I grew up near a farm. And I was cute, and I was peppy, and I always did well on my nineteenth-century English literature midterm until you came along and sucked me into your life of crime.

Another example was Mary-Louise Parker.  I liked her in Fried Green Tomatoes and Boys on the Side, but she was always just a skinny brunette with big eyes and an adorable nose, nothing to really get… ahem… worked up about.

M-M-M-Mary! (Louise Parker) as Amy Gardner

Flash forward five or six years and the role of Amy Gardner, Yaley women’s rights activist.

Josh Lyman: You went over my head and you did it behind my back.
Amy Gardner: Quite the contortionist am I.

Listening to the sexual subtextual banter between two smart, compassionate liberal warriors would make my skin tingle.  I won’t lie– sometimes I’d fantasize about being Josh Lyman in a threesome with Donna and Amy.  Sigh…

The next woman in my life doesn’t have to be a Liberal… but damn, it sure would be nice!

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