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Recently I was lamenting just how rare and damn difficult it is for me to get out and be social (…She’d Want to DO Stuff), and this past weekend was no exception.  I was scheduled to work my part-time job from 11am to 11pm both Saturday and Sunday, so trying to squeeze in an outing was probably going to be pressing my luck.  Not to mention I’m slam broke.

Still… I’ve been seriously jonesing for some social contact, and there were two options for Saturday night if I dared.  One was a surprise party being held for a former co-worker that I hadn’t seen in a while.  The upside was that price of entry was BYOB– I could certainly afford a six pack of beer.  The downside was that the house was a good 30 minutes from where I worked, and in the opposite direction from where I lived.  Given the fact that I’d be getting off work at 11pm after working 12 hours, drive out to the party, then drive all the way back home, get back up and get to work at 11am for another 12… that left a narrow window of party-time before I started seriously hurting my old ass.

Also… the party was being coordinated through Facebook.  My own personal record of trying to get parties to fire off through Facebook has been attrocious.  Let me tell you, if I drove all the way out there and nothing was going on…

Vertigo! My buddies Andrew on guitar (far left) and David on drums (against the wall, right next to him)

The other option was going to see Vertigo playing at Rock Falls Tavern.  I had two friends in the band and had never seen the group in action.  The downside was paying bar prices for booze, and a possible cover charge.  Rock Falls Tavern was only 10 minutes from where I worked, and more or less on the way out to the surprise party, so by the time 11 o’clock rolled around and I had not heard any updates regarding the party, I figured I’d stop by Rock Falls Tavern.  If no one was there I knew that wasn’t related to band I’d grab a beer, watch a few songs, and then go check out the party.

First bit of good news– no cover!  When I got there, turns out that there were a bunch of my friends there, far enough in the back to be able to talk and socialize, happy and surprised to see me.  My friend Al bought me a beer and we chatted and caught up on things while listening to the music.  Then my friend Dan, who was feeling no pain, insisted on buying me something called a “Jägerbomb” shooter.  Using my awesome powers of deduction, I presumed it was some sort of shot that contained that wretched Jägermeister liquor.  I hoped it was mixed with something palatable, but when I drank it it was just as disgusting as I feared.

I found out later a Jägerbomb is Jägermeister mixed with Red Bull… another foul tasting liquid.

Ugh. Disgusting...


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