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I know a lot of people who’ve gone through a major breakup recently, or are just not digging being single and unattached, really hate Valentine’s Day.  There are even people who have significant others but find the holiday dumb or trite.

I am not one of those people.  I love Valentine’s Day and always have, but then I’m very much a hopeless romantic and a holiday dedicated to hopeless romanticism is right up my alley.  It’s one of my life’s greatest ironies that I’ve hardly ever been with a partner on Valentine’s Day who appreciated romantic gestures… but yet I still hold out hope.

For me, love is what living is all about.  When it comes to religious belief, I consider myself Agnostic, which I know some people consider a cowardly Atheist– someone too chicken to fully admit that there’s nothing after death.  Me, I’m pretty sure there’s gotta be something there, something spiritual that we don’t understand, something that gives us this spark of life and intelligence that’s more than just the end result of collisions of random molecules over a millennium.   I’ve always believed it, but having experienced the miracle of having children, of seeing them born and watching them grow, I’m convinced that it’s true.  However, I’m also pretty sure that none of the major religions have “got it right” either.  Thus, I’m truly Agnostic.


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