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New Years Day always gives us a chance to reflect back on the things we did in the previous year.  One big thing I did was create this blog.  I’ve been a writer at heart since I was in middle school, with dreams of being a published author, and years later, dreams of being a screenwriter.  Things didn’t work out that way (as of yet) but I did get into writing about a hobby of mine, and have proudly been a paid professional hobby writer for well over a decade.

Even though it’s a lot of fun to write about a hobby you love, it’s a pretty narrow niche potential audience, and it occurred to me last year that starting a blog might be a good way to stretch my writing chops and expand my audience and network of readers and other writers.  When I was contemplating what to write about, the fact that I was going through a divorce and needing to start my life over seemed like the perfect thing to write about.  Not only would it be much more accessible to readers, but it could also be cathartic to write, providing me with a way to shape my thoughts and feelings going forward, to help me learn from mistakes in the past and focus on the sorts of people I want to be in my life going forward.

The concept was that the blog name “My Ideal Woman” be the first part of an affirmative sentence, with each blog post title “… She’d be (something something)” as the second part of the sentence.  Eventually ideas for posts came that didn’t exactly fit the paradigm but that was my original framing.


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Having a DVR has been a mixed blessing.  In my hectic life, it’s practically impossible for me to actually watch television shows when they actually come on, but there are shows I really want to watch and the DVR makes it possible.

Of course, the downside to getting to watch these shows is that sometimes they get cancelled.  It can be crushing making time to watch these shows off the DVR and then find out that the series is getting dropped.  A couple of the most recent heartbreaks was The Chicago Code and Lie to Me.

ABC's "Happy Endings"

One show I didn’t particularly have high hopes for was Happy Endings on ABC.  I knew it starred the adorable Elisha Cuthbert, who I knew from the movie The Girl Next Door.  Ms. Cuthbert has that insanely rare quality of being incredibly sexy and yet gives out the “approachable” vibe that is just catnip to the males the world over.  So I tuned in mostly to enjoy the watching the lovely Ms. Cuthbert hoping that the show wouldn’t be awful.

The show ended up being quite entertaining and featured three attractive women in the cast.  In a lot of ways, it reminds me of Friends (in a good way– I enjoyed Friends), and you can draw some parallels between the women of that classic sitcom and this one.  There’s the sexy and cute Ms. Cuthbert who plays Alex, a free-spirit, slightly scatter-brained bohemian pixie– think Rachel from Friends.

The pert Elisha Cuthbert

Eliza Coupe plays Jane, Alex’s sister and polar-opposite.  Her character is a perfectionist, high-powered Type A personality married woman.  I didn’t like her character in the beginning and figured she would be a source of annoyance, but to Ms. Coupe’s credit Jane stays on the right side of the line and is instead endearingly quirky and funny.  Think Monica from Friends.

athletic Eliza Coupe

Casey Wilson plays Penny, described as “desperately single.”  Her character is hopelessly romantic, impulsive, funny and a bit man-crazy.  Think Phoebe from Friends (but not nearly as spaced-out or ditzy):

Va-voom Casey Wilson!

I can’t help but imagine that when casting this show everyone picked Elisha et Eliza as the attractive eye-candy, with Casey being the slightly frumpy and goofball “side-kick.”  And yes, the blond gals are both quite lovely, but every time Casey is on the screen my eyes are riveted to her, devouring every luscious second.  I do find her character very likable and entertaining, but Casey’s physique is pure magic.  So many actresses in Hollywood cultivate this look that makes me fear a stiff breeze would carry them down the street, malnourished waifs with no hips or ass… and if they have any boobs then they’re probably artificial.

The other half of Hollywood actresses are very much like Eliza, super-fit with near zero body fat and more angles and flat surfaces than rounded mystery and excitement.  I appreciate health and fitness, but when I have the privilege of putting my hands on a woman’s body, I want to feel curves!  I want to feel substance… I want to feel female and different and exotic.

I want to feel Casey Wilson– Oh Lord I surely do!

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