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I was disappointed but not surprised by the announcement that Starz’s show Camelot would not be renewed.  I watched all the episodes and thought the show had great promise from the beginning, but as things progressed I was a bit disappointed how the show drifted.

Alas, Camelot

To illustrate that, here’s an conversation about the show I imagine could have gone down:

Camelot’s Producers:  “Okay, Eva– we want you to really turn up the heat on this show, we want you sexy, feral, lustful– you will use every tool at your disposal to achieve your dreams for power.”

Eva Green:  “Sure, no problem!”

Camelot’s Producers:  “Well, just in the first couple of episodes, then we’re going to tone all that back, keep you clothed… in fact, we’ll have Morgan shift shape in a few episodes so you don’t even need to be around.”

Eva Green:  “Oooookay… but wait, I thought I was signing on for a sexy, lustful take on the King Arthur legend?”

Camelot’s Producers:  “That’s just to get the audience hooked, then they’ll keep coming back for the story, to find out what happens.”

Eva Green:  “Ummmm… doesn’t everyone already know the story and know what happens?”

Camelot’s Producers:  “…”

Eva Green:  “You know I don’t mind being naked and doing sex scenes… you saw me in The Dreamers right?”

Camelot’s Producers:  “And your point is?”

Eva Green:  “I’m just saying, having a sexy, lustful take on the King Arthur legend can be the overall tone of the show, not just the initial hook.  Like, I can be naked and do sex scenes and seduce people throughout the whole season…”

Camelot’s Producers:  “No, no, no– that’s not the plan.”

mmmmmm... Eva Green!


I thought Eva Green’s Morgan Pendragon was awesome in the first couple of episodes– she was totally sexy, feral, lustful and ambitious.  First she poisons her father, then she seduces a warlord to take the throne with her as his queen– and you just knew once she’d secure his power she’d kill him off, probably by seducing some other dude to do the dirty work.  I imagined many scenes of gorgeous naked Eva Green beguiling various men throughout the series to advance her agenda…

why pull back on her sexiness?

Meanwhile, I thought they added some serious sexiness on Arthur’s side of the equation by making Guinevere engaged to Arthur’s trusted comrade, adding the allure of forbidden fruit and a secret affair to the equation.

Cannot stop fate…

Unfortunately, after starting the series showing skin, lust and desire between these two predestined lovers, both characters cut off their wants for duty, leaving Tamsin Egerton sadly covered up and fully clothed the rest of the series.

Why would you keep her constantly covered up??

Who made that decision?

Given how erotically charged another Starz show — Spartacus — is, I’m surprised that they didn’t keep the sex & lust quotient high for Camelot.  If they had, I can’t imagine they’d not have kept most of their audience coming back for more, and maybe we’d have seen a second season.

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