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I’ve talked to a few people over the recent months about online dating, and while I’m not quite ready to jump into those waters, I have gone online and checked out various sites to see what they’re like (or at least as much as you can without subscribing, which is not much actually).  I’ve set up profiles on Chemistry, Date.com, Match.com and BeNaughty (just for kicks).  All of them have similarities, and it’s fun to browse and see what people are looking for in their potential dating partners.  It’s also fun to see how many people out there have just awful grammar!

I have to admit Chemistry has sucked me in the most; even as a non-subscriber, you still get the feel that the service is trying to line you up with people who match well with what you’re looking for.  Unfortunately for me you can’t actually interact with these folks unless you pay up, which obviously makes sense if your a business.  Occasionally they give you “free subscriber” status for a half day, sometimes for the weekend, and I’ve actually been able to read a couple emails that paid subscribers sent me.  I tried to be slick and answer them, giving them my email address but when I got a similar email from someone who was also taking advantage of the “free subscriber” status, I saw that Chemistry strips away email addresses mentioned in their internal email exchange.  Sucks for me, but again– makes sense for Chemistry to do this.  They’ve got a smart set up, sucking me in and corralling me towards paying for a subscription despite my best efforts to cheat the system.

I’m not yet ready to pull the trigger on paying for an online dating service, but if/when I do Chemistry is probably what I’ll try first.  The couple who’s wedding I went to last month?  They met on Chemistry last year.  Worked for them!

I thought it might be fun to share some of my profile stuff here with you all.  (more…)

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