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The other day I was in a discussion about girls with my 9 year old son Aaron, and he brought up how cute girls are when they have “off” eye/hair color combinations, such as brown eyes & blonde hair instead of blue eyes & blonde hair, or blue eyes & black hair instead of brown eyes & black hair.  For so many of us, the little touch of “different” draws us in you know?

Like most adult American males, when thinking about girls with blue eyes and black hair, my mind immediately go to Zooey Deschanel and I swoon just a little bit.  Not only is she gorgeous with that little “different” look, but she’s a singer, songwriter, and musician in addition to being an actress.  She’s all sorts of artistic yumminess! (more…)

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I have to say I’m very concerned about the fate of humanity on AMC’s The Walking Dead.  As Season 2 begins, the ratio of adult female to adult male survivors is 3 to 6, which is bad enough without one of the female characters having at least more than a passing interest in killing herself.  From a pure “survival of the species” perspective, if people couple up you’ll have 3 dudes left out in the cold, which doesn’t necessarily bode well for guys who have to deal with with the stresses and adrenaline bursts that daily life in a post-zombie apocalypse world presents.  “Can you keep watch for zombies while we procreate?” would wear thin pretty fast.

Right now the women of The Walking Dead are Lori (Sarah Wayne Callies), Andrea (Laurie Holden) and Carol (Melissa McBride).

Melissa McBride, Sara Wayne Callies, and Laurie Holden


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I was very happy with the pilot for 2 Broke Girls.  Despite a few uneven moments, I think it did a great job establishing the premise for the show and both of the leads are appealing and fun.

Personally, Kat Dennings could stand there reading her grocery list and I’d smile and just enjoy watching her.  I find her just lovely– dark, curvy, with a unique look that distinguishes her from most Hollywood actresses.  I presume that her given name is Katherine, and I just love the nickname Kat over Kate or Kathy.  I just want to snuggle close and see if she purrs.

Her character Max is tough, funny, quick-witted and hard-working.  She’s got a sweet heart inside that she tries to hide behind a sharp tongue, but her caring nature keeps peeping out.  After the pilot episode, I want to know more about Max and her back story.

Beth Behrs is perfectly cast as wealthy scion Caroline Channing, a super-rich socialite who suddenly finds herself penniless and working as a waitress to get by.  She’s blonde, trim, and well-groomed, and I was totally prepared to not like her character very much… but her Caroline has a tough interior and a positive attitude that gave me sympathetic hooks to latch onto.  After the first few minutes, I found myself enjoying most every moment she was on the screen, and thought it was cool that at the end of the pilot it was her character who ended up launching the framing for the series going forward.

There were certainly some uneven moments in the show, and anyone who gets offended by stuff that’s not exactly politically correct (especially stereotypes) might be a bit off-put by the pilot, but I’m hoping that the show will move beyond that.  At this point I’m giving the creative team some credit that the stereotypes were to quickly establish some of the secondary characters while spending the bulk of the time getting the two leads together and framing the series, with the hope that the secondary characters will grow beyond the initial shallow brush.

There’s a lot going for 2 Broke Girls and I’m looking forward to seeing the next episode this week.  Have you seen the show?  What do you think?

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My life is too busy and hectic to sit down and watch some of my favorite television shows at airtime, but thanks to the miracle of DVR I can still enjoy them during what free time I can eek out here and there.  I thought it might be fun to talk about some of the shows here but given the theme of my blog, I’ll be doing it focusing on the actresses and the characters they play on the show (similar to what I did regarding my post on Happy Endings).

First up, Parenthood, which just fired up Season 3 this week.  I’m a total sucker for this family-oriented show, which has just the right mix of humor, drama, and sentimental moments.  If you are a parent it’s hard to resist this show’s charms.

The center of the show is Sarah Braverman, played by Lauren Graham.  Her character is very appealing on the show– quirky, creative (last season she wrote a play and got it produced) and smart, and Lauren Graham is far from unattractive.  And yet she stirs no amount of lust in me and I can’t figure out why.  It’s like she’s my sister or cousin– I can acknowledge her fine physical features, but she doesn’t enter into any fantasies and or naked imaginings.  She’s got nice legs (as featured in the photo above), a nice body, and that killer combination of light eyes and dark hair.  So what’s wrong with me?  Anyone out there have lust in their heart for Ms. Graham?

Next up is Sarah’s little sister Julia, played by the luscious Erika Christensen.  Mmmmmm, I loves me some Erika Christensen!  Her character Julia is a high-powered lawyer who’s high-strung and is nearly always dressed in very conservative business attire… and I have to say it’s a damn shame to cover up a body as delicious as Erika’s… I mean, just check her out:

I mean, I guess it’s okay that she’s usually extremely covered up in the show– I have a pretty good imagination.  Erika is only 29 and has no kids, but she does a nice job of playing a mother in her mid-30s.  Her character is appealing– smart, driven, compassionate, a feminist, with some flaws and insecurities that bubble up sometimes.  And when she had full-on babymaking fever last season, several of those scenes were smoking hot!  I can attest that few things are better in a married-man’s life than when his wife has the fever.

Next up is Sarah & Julia’s sister-in-law Kristina, played by Monica Potter.  I’ve never seen Monica before Parenthood.  She’s a very attractive lady, as we can attest here:

The thing is, Monica gives me much the same sister/cousin vibe as Lauren does.  What’s wrong with me?  Hot bod, not too skinny, nice curves, cute and quirky face.  I guess I blame the role, Kristina is so very married, so very much the frazzled mom, I suppose there’s not much erotic material for my gray matter to latch onto?  Anyone out there hot for Monica Potter?

Next up is Joy Bryant, who is Sarah’s brother Crosby’s baby-mama Jasmine.  Joy is hot, and Jasmine is hot.  Oh yes indeedy.

It’s certainly not difficult to summon up erotic scenarios with Joy, dark and sultry good looks, nice curves, athletic and strong… and yet last season Jasmine’s character burned away any vestige of lust from my brain.  Why?  It was like the writers had a psychic link directly into my ex wife’s psyche– everything that Jasmine did was like a page torn directly out of my life with my ex, and most of the pages weren’t good pages.  It made me paranoid that there’d been some sort of covert recording of the last 10 years of my marriage.  Much of the sentiment I expressed in ...Would Be Strong Not Stubborn was Jasmine.  I kept shouting at the TV “Run, Crosby– ruuuuuuunnnn!!!!!”  She was stubborn, prideful to a fault, she’d overreact and take things the wrong way, lay down My Way or the Highway laws… I mean, it made for good drama but it was like I was living through a horrible flashback.  So when Crosby had an affair with a minor character named Gaby played by Minka Kelly, I was rooting so hard that he’d dump Jasmine in the dust and live happily ever after with Gaby.  Gaby was sweet, smart, good with children… and she looked like Minka Kelly.

Mmmmm…. Minka Kelly….

Oh my.....

Gaby didn’t show up in the new episode of Season 3, but Crosby and Jasmine are still on the outs, so I have my fingers crossed that Charlie’s Angels will fail miserably and Minka Kelly will come back to Parenthood.  Hey, a lonely guy can dream!

I guess I’d be remiss if I didn’t touch on two other lovelies in the cast.  They both play teenagers, which makes thinking of them in that way a bit awkward, but thankfully both of the actresses are in their 20s so if you want to go there you can.  I don’t really look at them as hot per se because I didn’t really become aware of them until these roles so I still a bit hardwired to see them as teenage kids.

Sarah Ramos plays Haddie, a smart and headstrong teenage girl who’s a pretty cool character when she’s not driving her parents nuts being a smart and headstrong teenager (which is most of the time).  And girl– whoever advised you on the perm you sported for the first episode of this season needs to be fired immediately– it looked awful, and you’re a very attractive gal.  I mean, I really don’t care about hairstyles but YIKES!  Here’s a pic of her (with an older hairstyle):

Then there’s Mae Whitman, who character Amber spends most of the time on the show wearing all-black frumpy clothes… she’s cute and I know if she wore more flattering clothes she’d be quite attractive, but for the first two seasons I just saw her as the sullen, smart and headstrong teenager who drove her mom nuts.

When she's out she lightens up

Then I saw the awesome, amazing, funny, awesome Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World, and saw Mae in a whole new light… the lesbian ninja evil ex with orgasmic knees… aye karumba!

You punched me in the boob! Prepare to die, obviously!

I’d like to see more of this Mae Whitman!

So anyway, that’s the Women of Parenthood.  What do you think of Lauren Graham, Erika Christensen, Monica Potter, Joy Bryant, Sarah Ramos or Mae Whitman?  Do you watch the show?

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