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I debated putting this post up on my Talking TV blog since it’s about the HBO’s series Girls… but ultimately my thoughts on the show circle back to dating, relationships and love and so I thought it more appropriate here.

The thing I love about the series Girls is just how flawed, fucked up and real the main characters are.  When the show premiered there was a huge backlash of people complaining that the characters were unlikeable and doing stupid things.  Well duh– young adults are often unlikable and do stupid things when they first leave the bubble of youth and fly face-first into the harsh realities of life.  So many things they’ve always taken for granted or expected as true prove to be fleeting, difficult, or just wrong.  It ain’t pretty, and Lena Dunham and her crew aren’t afraid to show it to you, warts in all.

A lot of what they’re going through resonates with me, because I went through similar things at that age– I think most of us do, and while many people probably try to forget that time in their life– or at least, whitewash their memories– I tend to believe that mistakes you make are just as important if not more so than the things you did right the first time.  The person you are today was directly shaped by those events in your life, bad or good, and it can be sometimes amusing and sometimes illuminating reflecting back on them while watching these characters go through some of that stuff the first time.

I think it resonates with me on another level too, as a middle-aged man recently divorced.  So many things I had taken for granted or expected as true proved to be fleeting, difficult or just wrong.  The bubble of “happily ever after” has been burst, and left me face-first into the harsh realities of life.

On my “About” page I talk about the focus of my blog:

“My Ideal Woman” isn’t a checklist or goal; it’s a celebration of all the things I love about women, expressions of my enthusiasm and delight of the female mind and body.  Very few are the women I see in person, in passing, in print or on screen who don’t have something to wonder, cherish, ogle or fantasize about.  This blog is dedicated to expressing my appreciation of the fairer sex.

The girls of Girls are a bundle of flaws, and they do stupid things, sometimes mean and selfish things.  But so many of those flaws illuminate the path that they’ve traveled.  As the season progressed, I found myself drawn in, wondering why they’re doing these things, how they got here, and wondering what lessons they’re learning right before my eyes.  In the spirit of the focus of my blog, I wanted to talk about each of the main characters of Girls and what I love about them.  [SOME SPOILERS BELOW THE CUT] (more…)

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