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I have to say, it’s about damn time…

While it’s a great honor and special privilege women have being able to grow a new human being inside them, creating that special mother/child bond, it also involves a lot of physical and emotional stress on top of the lifelong responsibility.  Without getting too deep into the political weeds surrounding the Affordable Care Act, this part at the very least is a slam-dunk/no-brainer.  Women should have the ability to control if and when she wants to reproduce no matter where she is on the economic scale and no matter whether she’s employed or not, and when she does decide to have a child she should be able to get the care needed to ensure our new fellow human being is born healthy and ready for a productive life.    The independent, non-partisan Institute of Medicine says paying for these services will save money and lives down the road from all the health issues and unwanted pregnancies they will prevent.

Not to mention of course, for every woman on birth control, there is usually a man involved who’s quite happy about the situation!

So, on behalf of the male population, Happy August 1 everyone!!

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