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Sweetie pie SillyG suggested that I do another “She’d Love my iPod” to provide some music suggestions for summer jams, and since I haven’t done that in a while and my iTunes collection has grown, seemed like a good time to do so!  Yeah, I know the summer’s almost over but still…


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Years ago I lived in a really cool apartment building in the Fan with my fiance.  Along with my full-time job, I also worked a part-time job, and as I got to know some new hires at the part-time job I realized one of them had just moved into the same apartment building I lived in.  I asked her what she thought about the place, and she said she really liked it and liked the neighbors she’d met so far.  We chatted about a couple neighbors we both knew, then I asked if she’d met Joanna, who lived next door to me on the second floor.  Joanna was a sweet girl, short, with dark hair and a little bit kookie.  My fiance & I had nicknamed her Mrs. Kravitz (“Abner!!”) because she had a habit of peeking into our windows from the fire escape stairs and starting up conversations if she saw one of us.  When I described Joanna to my coworker, recognition dawned in her eyes.  “Oh yes, me and some friends met her and her boyfriend the other night.”

“Boyfriend?” I was confused.  “Joanna doesn’t have a boyfriend.”

“Well, I’m pretty sure he wasn’t just some random date.  They were very, VERY friendly with each other and certainly acted like they knew each other very well.”

Hm, that just didn’t sound right.  Joanna’s love life was a topic she often brought up when she came by the apartment, and she’d recently popped by just the past weekend and there was currently no guy in her life.

I decided to clarify.  “You sure it was the 2nd floor, and she was short, with dark hair?”

She nodded.  “Yeah, we were hanging out on the 2nd floor deck last weekend, and she and her boyfriend came out of their apartment onto the deck, they were pretty drunk and they were listening to old records.  It was funny because they started playing ABBA songs and they knew all the words, though to be fair we were singing along too.  A little later they all of a sudden started making out and then went back inside and I think they started going at it right there on the living room floor where we could hear them.”  She laughed.

Wait a minute.  Joanna lived behind us, in the back of the apartment building and didn’t have an entrance to the deck from her apartment.  Then it began to click.  Me & my fiance lived in the front apartment and we had an entrance to the deck from our apartment.  And just last weekend me & my fiance had fixed a kickass meal and drank several bottles of wine while we listened to old records.  One of which may have indeed been The Best of ABBA.  My fuzzy memory seemed to recall talking to some people out on the deck, but there was no light and it was quite dark so I didn’t remember their faces.

And… my fiance could also be described as short, dark hair, and kookie…

And lastly, I remember how the evening had concluded…

My face flushed a bright red.  My coworker looked at me funny.  “What?” she asked.  I didn’t know what to say.

“Nothing, nevermind.”

“Oh come on, don’t leave me hanging!”

It was inevitable that she’d figure it out eventually, with us being neighbors and all.  I suppose it was best to just get the embarassment out of the way now.

“That wasn’t Joanna that you met last weekend.  That was my fiance… and me.”

“What?  Oh…” it was her turn to flush red.  “Oh.  I see,” she arched her eyebrow at me and chuckled as we went back to work.  I think my blush lasted a full hour.

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