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I was very happy with the pilot for 2 Broke Girls.  Despite a few uneven moments, I think it did a great job establishing the premise for the show and both of the leads are appealing and fun.

Personally, Kat Dennings could stand there reading her grocery list and I’d smile and just enjoy watching her.  I find her just lovely– dark, curvy, with a unique look that distinguishes her from most Hollywood actresses.  I presume that her given name is Katherine, and I just love the nickname Kat over Kate or Kathy.  I just want to snuggle close and see if she purrs.

Her character Max is tough, funny, quick-witted and hard-working.  She’s got a sweet heart inside that she tries to hide behind a sharp tongue, but her caring nature keeps peeping out.  After the pilot episode, I want to know more about Max and her back story.

Beth Behrs is perfectly cast as wealthy scion Caroline Channing, a super-rich socialite who suddenly finds herself penniless and working as a waitress to get by.  She’s blonde, trim, and well-groomed, and I was totally prepared to not like her character very much… but her Caroline has a tough interior and a positive attitude that gave me sympathetic hooks to latch onto.  After the first few minutes, I found myself enjoying most every moment she was on the screen, and thought it was cool that at the end of the pilot it was her character who ended up launching the framing for the series going forward.

There were certainly some uneven moments in the show, and anyone who gets offended by stuff that’s not exactly politically correct (especially stereotypes) might be a bit off-put by the pilot, but I’m hoping that the show will move beyond that.  At this point I’m giving the creative team some credit that the stereotypes were to quickly establish some of the secondary characters while spending the bulk of the time getting the two leads together and framing the series, with the hope that the secondary characters will grow beyond the initial shallow brush.

There’s a lot going for 2 Broke Girls and I’m looking forward to seeing the next episode this week.  Have you seen the show?  What do you think?

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